About us

Bonita Clothing & Co, established in 2021, is an independently owned clothing boutique based in Ontario, Canada powered by women. The name Bonita Clothing & Co is inspired by my late Aunt Bonnie (Bonita) who shared a love for dressing up and a closet full of hand selected pieces.

Bonnie’s birth name was Bonita, which means ‘pretty’ in Spanish and Portuguese languages. 

This boutique was created in her memory. Bonita Clothing translates to ‘pretty clothing’. 

Bonnie was beautiful, independent, fun-loving, and successful. She was fashionable and always keeping up with the latest trends – she loved shopping and thrifting. Her staples included florals, bright colours, and of course a wide variety of animal prints but especially leopard. She generally gifted family and friends with trendy clothing pieces or accessories tailored to their personalities. She inspired women of all ages and the launch of this company.

Much like my Aunt Bonnie, I have poured my heart into this business and hand selected these pieces for you to enjoy.